Not for nothing is this one of our guests’ favorite activities. A walk on the wild side is an invitation to slow down the pace of your safari, and take in the sounds, smells and minute details of the bush. Learn to see through the eyes of the creatures whose home this is, and discover a whole new world as your guide unveils the  mysteries of the landscape. 

In Tarangire, our proximity to Silale Swamp means we can walk right from camp to the wetland’s shores. This secluded spot boasts a resident pride of lions, not to mention the park’s famed abundance of elephants, meaning the opportunity to approach big game on foot is unparalleled. 

Our guides are expertly trained, and their years of experience have honed their intuition and attunement to the environment. Their deep knowledge of the wildlife and its ways promises an exhilarating experience that will thrill you to the core, with no compromises on safety.