When you stay with us, you’ll know you’ve found the best-kept secret on the continent.

Often, people come to Africa to check it off their bucket list. But here, we fully expect you to fall in love with the sounds of lions at night… with the swaying of the leafy canopy above from your back-porch shower… with the unique experience of being safe and serene in the middle of some of the most exotic wildlife you will ever witness.




Lolkisale Camp is situated right in the heart of Tarangire National Park, on the edge of an open wetland. Here, you’ll have the unique experience of watching the drama of nature unfold while sipping a coffee or wine on your front porch. In these wetlands, the view changes each day as different herds pass by in search of water, and after them, the big cats that inevitably follow.

And, since we are so well situated within the park, your adventure begins at first light. There’s no waiting at the gate to get in.

Our boutique camp is composed of eight, custom-designed luxury safari tents with attention paid to every detail. Everything from the soothing color palette, to locally-woven rugs, to the soft touch of your sheets at night was selected to bring luxury and local flavor to this secluded corner of our beautiful surroundings.

The dining tent is large and airy, allowing space for you to hide away in a secluded corner with your love, or unite the whole group for a large family meal.

In our lounge, you can plan your upcoming drives, share stories, or listen to the afternoon rains while enjoying our fully-stocked bar and carefully-chosen wines, along with a selection of local arabica coffee, freshly brewed tea, sparkling water and soft drinks.


Osero Exclusive-Use Mobile Camp

Osero Exclusive-Use Mobile Camp is the newest addition to the TopGuides Bush Camps portfolio. With just eight tents, we have stayed true to our signature boutique style, with attention to every detail and personal touches in all we do.

Osero’s mobile nature means we can offer you the best of two worlds: the splendor of the Northern Serengeti while the Migration explodes back and forth across the majestic Mara River – and the vast, verdant plains of Southern Serengeti while the herds amass for calving season. 

Osero is designed solely for exclusive use, guaranteeing privacy, intimacy and the warm hospitality that characterizes any TopGuides experience. We are proud to have created an elegant tented bush home that opens you up to Nature while cocooning you in creature comforts and luxurious touches. 

Our team is there just for you, waiting to anticipate your every need, and ensuring each day is tailored to your wishes. Whether you’re ready to hop out of bed before sunrise for a day of exploring, or you’d like to cozy up with a book and a hot tea, we’re here to give you what you need. Anything is adaptable to make your dream African safari trip come true.



Our dining experience is designed to bring you the fine finishes of a boutique hotel, with the advantage of fresh air and birdsong accentuating your meal. There’s nothing like enjoying your dessert while watching antelope, buffalo or elephants drift by before you. 

Of course, no luxury experience would be complete without excellent service, food and wines. Even in the heart of nature, our chefs and staff work magic, producing some of the most delectable meals you will find anywhere. Our wines are hand-selected from the vineyards of South Africa, and, yes, we taste and approve each and every one.